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Acorn Recovery Projects

Acorn Recovery Projects is an innovative charity based in the North West of England providing a range of recovery services which enable individuals and their families to break free from drug, alcohol and other addictions. We help to find not just immediate recovery, but emotional, social and lifelong recovery.

Through commitment, creativity and expertise, Acorn will inspire and motivate change within communities and future generations by enabling individuals to achieve a Life Worth Living.


ANA Treatment Centres

Founded in 1998, ANA offers flexible length abstinence based residential treatment for alcohol and drug addiction in addition to individually tailored detoxification programmes. Care planning, group work and one to one key worker sessions all feature, together alternative therapies and life-skills programmes. These combine a number of philosophies including the Twelve Step approach and are non-denominational in nature. Our aim is to help our clients rebuild their lives, to gain in confidence and self-worth and to really believe that they can live a healthy, responsible and productive life, free of addictive substances.

ANA also offers medium term supported housing for people coming out of treatment and wanting somewhere great to live that is safe.


Calm Rehab

Calm Rehab is a private residential rehabilitation service provider located in Bali, Indonesia, which specializes in the treatment of Substance Use Disorder and Complex Trauma delivered by highly qualified, western-trained addiction and psychological trauma specialists.

Working to international standards of excellence, Calm is an English owned and operated luxury facility which delivers a highly effective clinical approach to rehabilitation with our clients gaining an understanding of their old behavioral patterns while learning new ways of being through a variety of evidence-based counselling sessions and supportive therapeutic practices.

Client numbers are limited to six at any one time, ensuring a high staff-to-client ratio and affording each of our clients a personal and tailored approach providing all the tools required for long term recovery.


Essential Drugs and Alcohol Services

As a local substance misuse service, supporting our local community, we provide a sense of ‘belonging’ for the client and understand the environmental, social and psychological pressures that they may be facing. We are familiar with, and already have established positive working relationships with many of the local helping agencies that can complement the support for the service user.

The professionalism and expertise of the EDAS team ensures that good clinical practice is upheld at all times, providing the best possible outcome for the service user, helping him/her to work towards recovery and reintegration into the community, with improved prospects for education and employment is our new recovery café, increased mental and physical wellbeing and a healthier and more positive outlook on life.


Hebron Trust

Founded in 1987 Hebron House offers a safe, nurturing and intensively supportive community environment in which women can rehabilitate from drug and alcohol dependency and the life-dominating problems that serious substance misuse can cause. Hebron provides a variety of groups to help build recovery. The programme is based on The 12 Steps to Recovery, there are several groups based on these, as well as Relapse Prevention, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), relationships groups, community meetings and leisure based activities such as swimming, art and badminton.


Help me Stop

Help Me Stop is a non-residential treatment service for people with alcohol and drug problems. Our mission is bring drug and alcohol treatment to those working individuals who either can't afford the high cost of residential rehab, or need to fit treatment around daily life. With both our online and face to face programmes our clients can continue to work, study or care for family while in treatment. We provide an 68 hour online treatment programme (over 4 weeks) and also a 160 hour face to face programme (between 5 and 10 weeks) in West London. Our programmes can be accessed in the mornings, during the day, evenings and weekends. 



Inclusion is a national organisation that works with individuals, families and communities who are affected by drugs, alcohol, crime and mental health. Whilst providing comprehensive and inclusive support we invest in all people using our services to inspire them to fulfil their potential and forge a more successful future.

Inclusion was established in 2002 as part of the Specialist Services Group of Midland Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (MPFT). As part of the Specialist Services Division, Inclusion develop new and flexible services across England where tendering opportunities arise.

There are 3 main strands to Inclusion services. We provide treatment for drug & alcohol use in the community, residential & prison-based settings, treatment for individuals experiencing low-level mental health problems referred through their GP in IAPT services (Improved Access to Psychological Therapies) and Forensic Mental Health Services within prisons across Staffordshire. Our services are delivered by a range of NHS clinical and psychosocial care specialists.



In-dependence is  a Guernsey based recovery service for drugs, alcohol and gambling.  We work across the community and in the criminal justice settings providing recovery work and counselling. We are licensed to run SMART recovery groups both in the local prison and community. We work with users and family members affected by drugs, alcohol or gambling.



Parent Support Link (PSL)

Supporting and informing the family and friends of people who use drugs or alcohol, or are problematic gamblers)

A Charity built around a group of parents and others, who through our different experiences are aware of the anxieties and sense of isolation substance misuse or problematic gambling can cause.

The Charity provides: 

  • A 24/7 Telephone contact Line
  • Dedicated telephone support sessions
  • Face to face support sessions (1-2-1)
  • Whole family support sessions
  • Regular support groups
  • Health and wellbeing workshops
  • The opportunity to join our volunteer team

The Children’s Society

• One to One Support
• Psychosocial interventions
• Structured interventions
• Brief & Semi-Structured Interventions
• Specialist Harm Reduction
• Group Working/Structured Recovery Programmes
• Relapse Prevention
• Family Support
• Needle and syringe provision
• Sexual health services


Two Ways CIC

Studio House is a supportive living, abstinence-based project, supporting individuals, from all over the UK, wanting to recover from drug and alcohol dependence and who may also be living with mental health issues (dual diagnosis).


We Are With You 

Addaction has changed its name to We Are With You. More about why they've changed.

We Are With You supports people to take control of their own lives and make positive changes. For 50 years we have made a difference to people who want to change their relationship with drugs and alcohol and improve their mental health and wellbeing. Our services are delivered in 81 locations in England and Scotland. 



Yeldall Manor

Yeldall Manor is a CQC-registered residential rehabilitation centre set in the heart of the Berkshire countryside.

Established in 1977, we have many years of experience helping men to overcome their drug and alcohol addictions.

We are a Christian-based project, and our programmes are open to men of all faiths or none.