SMMGP February 2020 Newsletter


Reducing drug-related deaths in criminal justice settings

Thu, Mar 12, 2020 7pm - 8pm


  • Dr Jake Hard, Chair RCGP Secure Environments Group
  • Dr Dev Vrat Singh Clinical Lead in Substance Misuse
  • Person with lived experience.

This webinar will cover issues in the criminal justice system regarding drug-related deaths, and measures that can be taken to reduce them. It will include provision of naloxone and approaches that can be taken in both secure environments and the community.


Medical cannabis and the treatment of pain

Tue 24 Mar, 7pm - 8pm 

Presenter: Dr Sunil Arora, Consultant in Pain and Anaesthetics.
Chair: Dr Steve Brinksman, SMMGP Clinical Director

This webinar will include:

  • the use of medical cannabis in the treatment of pain
  • Lucy Stafford - a patient with lived experience.


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Medical cannabis and drug policy in the UK

This webinar covered policy regarding access to medical cannabis in the UK.
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Premium Member Webinars

Falling between services: providing integrated care for older people with alcohol problems

Wed, Mar 11, 10am - 11am 

Presenter: Dr Tony Rao, Consultant, Community Mental Health Team for Older Adults,
This webinar will cover: identifying older people with alcohol problems, including atypical presentations, and special considerations for older people in assessment and intervention.

What about the other drugs? The management of other substances for patients on opioid substitution treatment

Wed, Mar 18, 2020 11am - 12pm 

Presenter: Dr Martyn Hull, Medical Director, Turning Point will discuss how to manage the use of drugs other than opioids for people on opioid substitute treatment.

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