Presenter: Dr Magdalena Harris, Associate Professor in the Sociology of Health, LSHTM

Thursday 27th May 2021 at 1pm

The following issues will be discussed:

Without prompt care, injecting-related infections can progress to systemic illness; people who inject drugs face multiple barriers to health care access;; cultural safety provides a framework to reduce injecting-related health harms.


Dr Magdalena Harris is an Associate Professor in the Sociology of Health at LSHTM. Her expertise lies in qualitative methods and the social sciences of hepatitis C and harm reduction.

She has been based at LSHTM since 2009, where she conducts a programme of research investigating the lived experience of hepatitis C, its treatment and prevention in the UK.

Magdalena is a former recipient of an NIHR Post-Doctoral Fellowship (‘The Hepatitis C Treatment Journey’) and currently holds an NIHR Career Development Fellowship (‘Care and Prevent’).

Magdalena has an extensive track-record in the academic community.

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